Saturday, December 20, 2008

Soundtrack Week continues with Ry Cooder- Paris, Texas

Ry Cooder is a musician's musician, a student of music if you will. He can play damn near anything too. His revival of Cuban music in the Buena Vista Social Club brought the world's attention back to a sound that had been all but forgotten outside of Cuba. Ry's spent a lifetime exploring the musical stylings of world musicians around the globe and he does it all with the enthusiasm of a kid. My favorite sound, when it comes to Ry is that lonely haunted guitar style that he's famous for and my favorite LP featuring a heaping helping of it is the soundtrack to Paris, Texas. It conjures a deserted Texas highway and broken down old gas stations and highway signs shot through with bullet holes. I listen to it when I'm city weary and claustrophobic. This LP wears well. I never tire of it and I've heard it a lot....a LOT.  

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