Sunday, December 21, 2008

Something Wild for Soundtrack week.

From it's opening credits where the camera is skimming across the water, closing in on Manhattan featuring David Byrne singing Loca De Amor with Celia Cruz, this movie is a fun ride. The cool thing about Jonathan Demme is that he knows his music and his soundtracks always make his movies extremely memorable. Throw in Ray Liotta, early in his career, as an amoral con man and how can you possibly go wrong? Literally every track on the soundtrack is good. It features Oingo Boingo, the Fine Young Cannibals, UB40, New Order, Jimmy Cliff, Sonny Okossum and a bonus cool rap of "Wild Thing" over the closing credits by Sister Carol. The album art is also cool with Mexican Folk Art on the backside. Something Wild appeals to the bad girl in all of us.  

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