Wednesday, December 10, 2008

R.L Burnside- Come On In (Fat Possum Records '98)

R.L. Burnside pulled me in with his stripped down, raw, Mississippi blues style and his powerful  voice a few years ago and I've been a huge fan ever since. Like most Mississipi Bluesmen, R.L. travelled a long trail of broken dreams. He went from Mississippi to Chicago (where his father, his brother, and his uncle were murdered, creating a bottomless pool of material for his blues) and back again where he murdered a guy and did some time. R.L. died in 2005.  Fat Possum records can be credited with keeping the music of old Mississippi bluesmen like Burnside and Model T Ford alive and now they're re-releasing it on vinyl. It's Bad You Know is the best track by far but I also love Let My Baby Ride. The whole record makes you want to disappear into a writhing voodoo trance and dance around the room. Nice Holiday gift for your loved ones.

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