Friday, December 5, 2008

Billie Holiday-Stormy Blues

I'm not going to get into some long, drawn out, tragic story here. We all know it. Billie led a tragic life and it ended all too soon and, because of that, whenever I have a day like the one I'm having, (relax, I won't get into that either) I dig out some Billie, slap it on the turntable and, within moments, she seems to be saying "I know." Billie is about the best damn music to play when: It rains, life sucks, your calls are not getting returned, you haven't slept in three days, someone's done you wrong, you're suffering from massive PMS and the midol just isn't cutting it or you just want to look out the window and feel sorry for yourself for awhile. This particular album is probably one of my favorites. It features Me, Myself , and I, Say It Isn't So, Travellin ' All Alone and a wonderfully playful version of Let's Call The Whole Thing Off. I got this one at Village Music in Mill Valley when I was thirteen (gone now, sigh).

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