Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey, Guess WHAT?? IT's soundtrack week

 I humbly present my first submission to soundtrack week (Yes, I know it's Tuesday. Traditionally, soundtrack week runs Tuesday to Tuesday. I don't know why. I do as I'm told by the Vinyl King and Queen, whom I've never met and only know through E-mail but they don't seem to take much bullshit. "The Mission" by Ennio Morriconne (The King Of soundtracks BTW and also probably doesn't take much bullshit)..yes, the Mission: flat out gorgeous. I can't say enough about this soundtrack. I'll say a few things: It's artful, it's thought provoking. It's performed by the London Philharmonic, It was nominated for an Academy Award. Some people who know their shit call this the best soundtrack score ever written. Well, I won't argue with that. I also happen to love Oboes (who doesn't?) the most feminine of the reed instruments and featured strongly in the Mission. I can't recommend this LP enough. Get it now and listen to it till you weep. Oh, and not a bad movie either; Robert Deniro as a Jesuit priest dragging a big bag full of metal crap and rocks around like he's Santa Claus? C'mon, it's totally worth it.

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Me and The Farmer said...

Now I know I'm in love. You give good album.