Monday, December 29, 2008

Gram Parsons- GP-1973

I'm closing out the year with a legend. Perhaps you're already one of the gazillions of fans who worship at the altar of Gram but I never tire of talking about him. I like GP because on this record Gram found a soul mate in Emmylou Harris and the magical harmonizing ensued. "She" remains my favorite Gram song. The New Soft Shoe,  Big Mouth Blues, We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The  Morning are all Soul movers. People say that this album doesn't have the edge that say "Gilded Palace Of Sin" or "Grievous Angel" has  but I just think it's so damn sweet and that's what I think Gram was. He was a sweet guy. A Fuck up sure, but a sweet one. Gram, in his short but shiny career, influenced more musicians than I have room for on this blog. This record is a gem, not to be hidden away but to be played over and over.

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