Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rod Stewart- Never a Dull Moment

Rod Stewart used to be something else. If you want to hear what it was, go get this record and drop the needle on ANGEL and you're guaranteed to fall in love with that guy. I never listen to this song just once. Six or seven times and I'm just getting warmed up. Sure, it's Jimi Hendrix's song but he's in a different stratosphere and we'll get there real soon. Moving on, You Wear It Well is just classic rock at it's very best. People simply don't do songs like that anymore. Why in the bleeding hell not???? What's happened???? Mama, You've Been On My Mind is just about perfect. This is really the only Rod Stewart Record I listen to regularly. I love Maggie May on Every Picture Tells A Story but song by song, Never A Dull Moment (1972) is a winner. I found this one at a garage sale, great condition...two bucks. Two bucks!!!! 
Have you seen who's up for Grammy's this year? NO ONE worth listening to. I think Robert Plant and Allison Krauss got a nomination even though the album is a 2007 release. Great though, One piece of listen-able music in the whole lot...pathetic.

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