Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vivaldi-The Four Seasons

I'm big on violin concertos and Fall. They go together like Laurel and Hardy. The best time to play this record is when the weather takes a turn toward winter. When it finally gets so cold that delicate snowflakes float towards the earth and you feel inclined to break out the hot chocolate and sit on the sofa, sipping and listening and watching the world turn toward winter. As violin concertos go, this is one of the most common ones out there, written by Antonio Vivaldi in 1723 and I certainly hope he had a Starbucks nearby so he could warm his chilled hands on his own mug of hot chocolate after writing all day. Although Antonio intended to cover all four seasons (duh, hence the name), I'm never inclined to play it in the summer or spring or even the early fall. I always go digging for it on the same day that I dig out my fur-lined boots. Go figure. Anyway, there's a gazillion versions of this on Vinyl out there, you'd have no problem finding one you like. I own six versions, all of them good, all of them a teensy bit different.

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