Friday, February 27, 2009

Cowboy Junkies- The Trinity Sessions

The Junkies recently went back to the Trinity Church in Toronto to re-record those 12 oh-so beautiful songs originally recorded twenty years ago. The original Band Members: the sexy, hushed chanteuse Margot Timmins and her song-writing brother , Michael, her other brother, Peter, on drums and Alan Anton on Bass, were joined by some artists who were shaped by the original; Natalie Merchant, Ryan Adams, and Vic Chestnut. I think it should be in stores today.  Back to the original though, naturally, this is a seminal album, the selection of tunes: Hank William's "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (my own personal favorite version of the song), Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane" and "Blue Moon Revisited" (holy Shit, it's gorgeous), combined with the acoustics in that cool old church in 1987 (and THANK CHRIST, they didn't tear it down, oops sorry, Christ does live there, doesn't he?). The whole thing took fourteen hours to record. I  suppose that would account for the organic feel of  this record, nothing here feels forced or staged. The album was snapped up by RCA and sold a million copies and it lives on and on and on, as it should.

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